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Mvskoke - Muscogee Language

Spoken by the Muscogee (Creek) Nation (Mvskoke Etvlwv), the Alabama-Quassarte Tribal Town (Vlepamv-Kowassate Etvlwv), the Kialegee Tribal Town (Kilice Etvlwv), and the Thlopthlocco Tribal Town (Raprakko Etvlwv)
Thanks to Jack B. Martin and Tim Thompson for helping me with this language.

Hesci Oklvhomv!

[ˈhɛsʤe okləhomə]          (HESS-jay oke-luh-ho-muh!)

Note: "hesci" is a contraction of "heres-ce", meaning "very good".



Common Words in Muscogee

Estonko! How are you?, Hello!
Heres ce! Hello!
Mvto! Thank you!
Hompaks ce! You all eat now!
Enka! Okay!, All right!
Monks! No!
Hvtec ce! Wait!
Vhoyvkets!    Let's (two of us) go!


Source: "First steps and basic words." Internet: <http://www.wm.edu/linguistics/creek/first_steps.html>

Names of the Months

  1. January – Rvfo Cuse, winter's younger brother
  2. February – Hvtole-hvse, wind month
  3. March – Tasahcuce, little spring month
  4. April – Tasahce-rakko, big spring month
  5. May – Ke-hvse, mulberry month
  6. June – Kvco-hvse, blackberry month
  7. July – Hiyuce, little harvest or summer
  8. August – Hiyo-rakko, big harvest or summer
  9. September – Otowoskuce, little chestnut month
  10. October – Otowoskv-rakko, big chestnut month
  11. November – Ehole, frost month
  12. December – Rvfo-rakko, big winter

Muscogee Numerals

  1. Hvmken
  2. Hokkolen
  3. Tuccenen
  4. Osten
  5. Cahkepen
  6. Epaken
  7. Kulvpaken
  8. Cenvpaken
  9. Ostvpaken
  10. Palen
  11. Palen-hvmkvntvlaken
  12. Palen-hokkolohkaken
  13. Palen-tuccenohkaken
  14. Palen-ostohkaken
  15. Palen-cahkepohkaken
  16. Palen-epohkaken
  17. Palen-kulvpohkaken
  18. Palen-cenvpohkaken
  19. Palen-ostvpohkaken
  20. Pale-hokkolen
  21. Pale-hokkolen-hvmkvntvlaken
  22. Pale-hokkolen-hokkolohkaken

Source: Loughridge, R. M. and David M. Hodge. English and Muskokee Dictionary. Reprinted in 1964 by B. Frank Belvin, Okmulgee.

Mvskoke Nakcokv-lvnunkv

a c e f h i k l m n o
[a] [ʧ, ʤ] [ɪ, i] [f, v] [h] [e] [k, g] [l] [m] [n] [o]
p r s t u v w y ue vo
[p, b] [ɬ] [s, ʃ] [t, d] [ʊ] [ə] [w] [j] [wi] [əo]


Source: "First steps and basic words." Internet: <http://www.wm.edu/linguistics/creek/first_steps.html>

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