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Other stuff

I collect all kinds of things, including coins, stamps, license plates, and embroidered patches.  On this page, I have pictures of the license plates in my collection from Oklahoma tribes, and also pictures of the patches I have from a couple of tribes.

License plates (tags)

These are the tribal plates that I have from Oklahoma:

CN-597 -- Obtained in a trade with Gus Oliver
Caddo Nation
ART -- Obtained in a trade with Gus Oliver
Miami Nation personalized
S-9590 -- Obtained in a trade with Gus Oliver
Seminole Nation
142-7C0 -- Obtained in a trade with Barney Williams
Cherokee Nation
18858 -- Obtained in a trade with Gus Oliver
Muscogee (Creek) Nation
DN326 -- Bought at the WDN Tax Commission
Western Delaware Nation
KTO1017 -- Given to me by the Kickapoo Tribe
Kickapoo Tribe
QT-472 -- Obtained in a trade with Gus Oliver
Quapaw Tribe
VET 021 -- Bought at the WDN Tax Commission
Western Delaware Nation (Veteran)

The most common question I get about my license plate collection is, "Where did you get all those license plates?" Well, I have bought some, but I have gotten most of the plates in my collection by trading with other license plate collectors around the world. Another frequent question I get is "How many license plates do you have?" Ever since I acquired more than would fit on the walls of my room, I quit counting! I have seventy-something just from Texas, if that gives you an idea.

I am still looking for certain Oklahoma tribal plates to complete my collection, so if you can help me get a plate from a tribe not shown above, please e-mail me.

Embroidered patches

For several years now, I've had the hobby of buying embroidered patches as souvenirs at different places we go. Last year we went on vacation to south-west Oklahoma, and were able to visit several of the Indian nations there. Of the four tribes we visited, only two had patches: the Kiowa Tribe and the Wichita and Affiliated Tribes.

I have a jacket that my mom has sewn all my patches on for the last 5 years, but I fear I have outgrown it. However, I've recently gotten a new jacket to put patches on, and now I'm covering that one.


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