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About the Hello Oklahoma! Project

In July of 2003, I began to look for greetings in the tribal languages of Oklahoma.  Originally it was just a personal project, but as I continued with it, I decided to eventually make a booklet of all the greetings, and later on a website.

To begin my project, I did some research at the Weatherford, Texas Public Library, and there I was able to find greetings in Cherokee and Choctaw.  After that, I sent out postcards to all the tribes in Oklahoma, and from the replies I was able to get greetings in about half of the languages.  Lastly, I searched all over the Internet for greetings, and also for people who could help me.  From that I got all but Tonkawa and Plains Apache.  After getting a book through inter-library loan, and visiting the Apache Tribal Complex in Anadarko, Oklahoma, I had all my greetings!

Now I am putting my booklet together, and I will try to have it done soon.  I put together a website in 2003, and I have completely redone it with a new design. Currently I am still transferring information over from the old site, so I am always adding more.  Go to the What's New page to see the newest additions to Hello-Oklahoma.com!

You may also be wondering who I am.


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